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13 June 2013 / / Linux / Opinion / Technology
There is something liberating about using an operation system that not only is free, but completely open source. You have the option to take this operation system and modify it in any way you want, for free, as long as you too publish the source code to any changes you made to the Linux kernel. This is one of the most powerful assets for Linux, and is the driving force behind adoption.
02 January 2013 / / Opinion
Car insurance, and all insurance for that mater, is bad for everybody but the the insurance companies themselves. Insurance costs too much, is too restrictive on who can qualify, everything causes ones premiums to increase, and most of all, even if you have insurance, when it you have a legitimate claim it will be rejected based on some legal loophole. Unfortunately the market and business practices used by insurance companies are such that they would ideally only ever collect premiums and never pay out for claims of any kind.
24 December 2012 / / Linux / Opinion / Technology
When it comes to computers now-a-days the reality is not many people are choosing to buy a desktop. And why wouldn’t you? You can get an almost limitless variety of laptops which cater to all needs, thus rendering a desktop obsolete for almost all but the most demanding of users. So with the majority of users using laptops, this begs the question: what are they running on these laptops? The reality is this, those who choose to buy a Mac almost always run Mac OS (obviously) with the occasionally user choosing to also run windows along side it.