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01 January 2015 / / Opinion
With airlines continuously looking for ways to maximize profit, seat sizes are becoming an increasingly popular target. While seats are getting smaller the average person is getting fatter and fatter. This will, and in some cases has, reached an impasse. There are many overweight people who are no longer are able to fit into airline seats. The airline is then blamed for making the seats too small for the people to fit in, and the other passengers have to deal with being seated next too (and often underneath overflowing parts of) these obese people.
02 January 2014 / / Opinion / Transportation
It was announced recently that the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would be lifting their long-running, controversial restriction on the use of electronic devices during take-off and landing on US flights. The lifting of this ban has been hailed as major victory for passengers who can now use their smartphones, tablets, and laptops during all aspects of air travel. Unfortunately, many cannot recognise the indirect implications of lifting this ban and why it should stay in effect.