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Moving to BC came with a number of cultural adjustments compared to living in Ontario. One of these differences is the way that drivers are able to pay for gasoline at a filling station. In Ontario, along with most other provinces, drivers have a wide range of options when it comes to how they want to pay for gasoline. Unfortunately, in BC, since February 2008, drivers have been limited to pre-paying for gas either at the pump or inside the store.
20 December 2014 / / Opinion / Politics
During the CFL’s first game back in Ottawa on July 18th there was much news about how well the stadium and facilities were coping with the return of Canadian Football to Ottawa. What many people failed to notice in the coverage was the actions of the City of Ottawa By-law officers. Among the common incidents of parking for too long, or blocking entranceway’s, there was one case that stood out. Someone was ticketed for parking a car on their own property.