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18 April 2016 / / Transportation
When moving between provinces one would expect there to be at least a very basic level of government and administrative interoperability. Unfortunately, when it comes to moving a car between Ontario and BC there is little evidence of any interoperability or administrative forethought in regards to facilitating people moving between provinces. In order to register a car being moved from Ontario to British Columbia the car is required to undergo a safety inspection similar to the one that is performed when you sell a used car to someone else within a province.
22 September 2015 / / Opinion
Whenever the topic of re-evaluating the minimum wage is mentioned the issue, so to is criticism of the minimum wage for wait-staff brought up. An ideal situation would obviously be where there is only one minimum wage for every person regardless of what job they work (ignoring that a reverse income tax is a superior alternative to a minimum wage). What needs to be considered here though is whether the minimum wage for Liquor Servers is actually too low.
18 August 2015 / / Transportation
As part of my recent process of renewing the registration on my car I encountered a major flaw in the Ontario Drive Clean program. This issue is a common but mostly overlooked problem encountered by anyone with an older car with the high possibility of failing the emissions test. When I investigated what the options were for keeping the car on the road I was astounded at the blatant conflict of interest in the system.
15 April 2015 / / Opinion / Politics
With the Ontario budget scheduled to be release on April 23rd there are expected to be radical change to the way alcohol is sold in Ontario. Unfortunately the changes that are speculated to be in the pipeline may not be enough. There is going to be no immediate change to the way that wine is sold as there are multiple international agreements that need to be consulted and considered in order for the province to make changes while still maintaining their protectionist policies.
13 June 2014 / / Politics
With the 2014 Ontario General Election coming to a close we can now take a look at the results and what they mean for Ontario. Having managed to gain 10 seats from the PCs, Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals managed to pick up a majority. What makes this win interesting though is that she was able to do so with only 38.7% of the popular vote. With voters quite evenly split between the three major parties (Liberal, PC, and NDP) one would think this election is a perfect example of why Ontario (and most places that rely on First Past the Post election systems) needs to introduce some electoral reform.
18 April 2014 / / Politics
In an attempt to generate support for the upcoming election the Ontario Liberal Party is proposing changes to the liqour control legislation in Ontario so that alcoholic products could be purchased at convenient stores. While this might seem like a purely political maneuver considering the Liberals have so far failed to tackle the issue since taking office in 2003, the issue of changing how people purchase their Alcohol in Ontario is still something that needs to be addressed.
09 March 2014 / / Opinion
Next to tuition, textbooks have always been one of the most expensive aspects of attending university. The biggest complaint from publishers is students buying and selling used books instead of purchasing new copies. In recent years though, publishers have started integrating online content with their book publishings as a way to augment the physical offerings. These online resources, made available through access codes provided with new books, means each student has to come back to the publisher whether they bought a new or used book.
05 January 2014 / / Opinion / Politics
When it comes to hospitals and health care in Ontario one of the most widely compared statistics are those of emergency room wait times. While wait times in Ontario for “Minor or uncomplicated conditions” have dropped from 4.8 hours to 4 hours, these patients account for nearly a third of all ER patients in the province. I have only ever needed some form of professional medical care 4 times in my life.