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09 December 2014 / / Technology
TV providers and mainstream media finally realizing that “cord cutting”, is beyond a point which they can deny its prevalence. Millions of people around the world are moving from the monopolized offering of traditional TV providers which are often too expensive and slow at modernizing, to streaming services. Traditional TV in respective countries or regions mostly follows a standardized protocol. This means that users can standardize their own hardware and media setup for consistent access to content.
06 November 2014 / / Technology
Every day more and more Canadians turn to the internet as their source for media content. This has forced traditional cable providers and content producers to justify the outdated state of their current offerings. With the ease of finding premium content online, for free, safeguards around traditional content are doing more to drive customers away than they are to keep them around. The CRTC recently concluded a series of hearing designed to establish, among other things, whether regulating the unbundling of current TV packages could allow for greater consumer choice in terms of what they are actually paying for.