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18 September / / Personal
As a certified sailing instructor I spend my summer teaching children, and adults, how to sail. As with any highly complex activity there are many concepts one has to understand in order to make a sail boat move. These concepts, at the most fundamental level, are things like understanding where the wind is coming from, how to orient your boat to the wind, and how your sails should be set for the point of sail you are on.
This is an update to my computer setup current as of January 2013. The main update to my computer setup over the Christmas holidays is the addition of the Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) to my rig. I purchased the NUC over the holidays so that I would be able to take my laptop to class without having to constantly be unplugging cables. The NUC runs a mobile core i3 3rd generation (Ivy Bridge) clocked at 1.