Migration to Godaddy Hosting

The past few weeks have been quite tumultuous  both in terms of happenings on my website and school. These problems all stem from my use of 000webhost as the hosting service for my website. Though 000webhost seemed like the best choice in terms of free web hosting (which I know now really isn’t worth ones time), it has a fatal flaw. They have a requirement that all sites that are hosted with them receive a certain level of traffic for them to keep the site active. In the case of my site, I fell just below that threshold. As a result my account was deactivated, all the data was deleted and all my databases were dropped. This meant that everything on my WordPress site was gone, as well as things hosted on my other sub-domains.

With all the data off my WordPress site gone the only sources I had for recovering the data was the Google cache of the page from about a month ago and the text from the Google reader cache. From this I was able to recover the text for all my posts. Unfortunately this still left me without everything off the About and Guides pages that were not cached by Google.

As such they will be missing for a week or two while I re-write them and rebuild the site now using GoDaddy hosting.

The main lesson to be learned from this is that there is no such thing as too many backups one can have as you never know when you will be needing that data.

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