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16 February 2016 / / Transportation
As the advancement of technology continues companies must constantly upgrade their infrastructure to stay relevant in the increasingly competitive world market. With the boarding pass playing such a vital role in allowing a passenger to complete their journey it is paramount that the e-boarding pass be a simple and seamless as it would be with a paper version. With this simple yet important requirement for the e-boarding pass it’s amazing to see that Air Canada has created such an unusable product that manages to fail on numerous levels.
16 February 2016 / / Transportation
Whether you are in a rush to catch a connecting flight, tired at the end of a long journey, or just eager to get off the plane to wait for your next connection, everyone dislikes the chaos of deplaning. Much discussion, planning, as well as the implementation of innovative procedures have surrounded the efficiency and speed of boarding a plane, evacuating a plane in an emergency. On the other hand very little time seems to have been spent on coordinating properly clearing out a plane after every flight.
01 January 2015 / / Opinion
With airlines continuously looking for ways to maximize profit, seat sizes are becoming an increasingly popular target. While seats are getting smaller the average person is getting fatter and fatter. This will, and in some cases has, reached an impasse. There are many overweight people who are no longer are able to fit into airline seats. The airline is then blamed for making the seats too small for the people to fit in, and the other passengers have to deal with being seated next too (and often underneath overflowing parts of) these obese people.
28 November 2014 / / Papers
Concorde was the hallmark of the modern jet era when it was first introduced in 1976. Able to fly more than twice as fast as a traditional airliner; Concorde could make the journey from London to New York in just over three hours. While this new-found speed would forever change the way the world sees air travel it was, in many ways, too good to be true. When the last Concorde was retired in 2003, prematurely bring an end to the age of supersonic commercial air travel, it symbolized the end of a era of pushing the known boundaries of flight and air travel (McWhirter).
07 March 2013 / / Transportation
With my dad looking at taking a series of Porter flights in the next few weeks and months the topic of the cheapest way to get around by air came up. With Porter Airlines being the cheapest, and arguably fastest way of getting to downtown Toronto the consideration wasn’t whether to take Porter so much as whether their points program, VIPorter, was worth taking into consideration. VIPorter is a a very simple rewards program in that you gain points by flying, and you redeem rewards when you have 7500 for a free flight.