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22 September 2015 / / Opinion / Transportation
Few things are more infuriating to see than a new or well paved road being torn up and improperly repaired. Unfortunately this tends to happen quite frequently where new houses are built in the place of older existing ones. These repair jobs are often done with little regard for the longevity and quality of the fix, or any consideration for what it’s like to drive on. Many of these excavations are just filled with gravel and then covered in a thin veneer of tar.
02 January 2013 / / Opinion
Car insurance, and all insurance for that mater, is bad for everybody but the the insurance companies themselves. Insurance costs too much, is too restrictive on who can qualify, everything causes ones premiums to increase, and most of all, even if you have insurance, when it you have a legitimate claim it will be rejected based on some legal loophole. Unfortunately the market and business practices used by insurance companies are such that they would ideally only ever collect premiums and never pay out for claims of any kind.
02 January 2013 / / Papers
When Canada bought the CF-18 in 1980 the projected life of the jets indicated that they would be in service until the early 2000′s (Pugliese, 2011). To extend the life of the aircraft a modernization program was created to retrofit all of the current planes and upgrade them with the latest avionics, communication devices, and weaponry, allowing them to fly beyond 2017. At this point the Canadian Government realized that a replacement was needed for when the CF-18 would finally need to be taken out of service.