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13 June 2014 / / Politics
With the 2014 Ontario General Election coming to a close we can now take a look at the results and what they mean for Ontario. Having managed to gain 10 seats from the PCs, Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals managed to pick up a majority. What makes this win interesting though is that she was able to do so with only 38.7% of the popular vote. With voters quite evenly split between the three major parties (Liberal, PC, and NDP) one would think this election is a perfect example of why Ontario (and most places that rely on First Past the Post election systems) needs to introduce some electoral reform.
21 November 2013 / / Transportation
In recent years “green” technology has taken over as the new marketing scam aimed at selling a product to environmentally conscious consumers. With gas prices continually increasing consumers are becoming more concerned about how “green” their car is. Among the many ways people are looking to cut back on costs is by driving battery-electric cars to save on gas money. While battery-electric cars have been sold as far back as the early 90’s, none have seen any commercial success.