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The final step of my move across Canada in early 2016 was to take a flight out to Victoria BC. I chose to bring my home server with me on the flight as I wanted to get it back up and running as soon as possible rather than having it sit in a moving box for months. Unfortunately, it was damaged by Air Canada during transit. The computer was packed in the box the case came in, along with all the foam padding that it was originally shipped with.
29 May 2015 / / Opinion
Every modern democratic society strives to achieve equality across every measurable ethnic, gender, or socio-economic demographic. Equality breaks down when different interested parties misunderstand what societal equality actually means. Issues arise related to a misunderstanding as to the extent that equality can be regulated. Equality can be approached from either a legal or experiential standpoint. Equality from an experiential standpoint looks at the outcome individuals experience within society. This perspective takes that experience and attempts to change the legal and regulatory climate to produce an environment where any two individuals will see the same outcome from a set activity.