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28 November 2014 / / Papers
Concorde was the hallmark of the modern jet era when it was first introduced in 1976. Able to fly more than twice as fast as a traditional airliner; Concorde could make the journey from London to New York in just over three hours. While this new-found speed would forever change the way the world sees air travel it was, in many ways, too good to be true. When the last Concorde was retired in 2003, prematurely bring an end to the age of supersonic commercial air travel, it symbolized the end of a era of pushing the known boundaries of flight and air travel (McWhirter).
19 May 2014 / / Opinion
Recently, while shopping around for a series of new pairs of shoes, I came to a few conclusions. Firstly, while the selection at traditional Canadian shoes retailers is often on par with that of the US, the prices tend to be significantly higher. Secondly, when it comes to Canadian online shoe retailers you are stuck choosing from a select few terrible options. Online outlets for traditional retailers tend to have the same high prices as their physical counterparts, smaller Canadian online shoe retailers (the ones who actually ship to Canada) have an extremely limited selections, and Amazon.