16 February / / Opinion
When Top Gear came to an abrupt halt in March of 2015 there was much speculation about the future of the show and its presenters. A return to the BBC was eventually ruled out for the presenters, leaving the world to speculate on where they would move to. The top contenders to pick up the trio of presenters included rival British TV station Channel 5, big name US networks, and Netflix.
03 February / / Opinion
On January 26th the two competing bits for the redevelopment of the Lebreton Flats area of Ottawa finally revealed their proposals. Both groups have plans for extensive retail, residential, and green space, as well as an arena. The mention of an arena in both proposals is a surprise as while the “Rendez Vous LeBreton Group” is affiliated with the Ottawa Senators current ownership the competing “DCDLS Group” has no affiliation with the team or its owners.
24 January / / Papers
Among the punishments faced by citizens in a modern society, none are more severe than the death penalty. In use from Canada’s founding in 1867, till its abolition in 1976, the death penalty was exercised in the sentencing of nearly 600 persons. Having only been abolished in 1976, with an attempt to reinstate it in 1987, the death penalties use in Canada is still fresh in the minds of many Canadians.
The concept of overtaking a car in an outer lane (undertaking) has regulation that varies greatly between jurisdictions. What is consistent though it that undertaking is generally considered unsafe as drivers do not expect to find cars passing along their outside. Countries like Germany, France, and Finland specifically prohibit undertaking outside built up areas while in the US, Canada, and the UK the action is discouraged but not specifically prohibited.
08 December / / Mobile / Technology
In 2013 consumers in North America used an average of 1.3GB of data per month. In 2018 consumers are expected to be using 9GB of data per month, an 11-fold increase in usage over 5 years before. Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices for more of their daily activities every year and unfortunately this increased data usage is not changing to reflect these usage patters. Consumers are constantly facing increasing costs for using their increasingly powerful devices to consume ever more rich content at an constantly increasing cost.