The Chevy Cruze and What Could Have Been

With fuel prices ever on the rise, customers are always looking for cheaper ways to get around by car. While hybrid, battery-electric, and hydrogen fuel cell cars are considered to be the long term solution for powering motor vehicles, there is the need for a more short-term solution. Europe has already realized that diesel is this solution, and has implemented it with wide-spread success. North America has been much more reluctant to adopt this technology for various reasons, chief among them the negative association between the diesel used in cars versus that of trucks. While more diesels coming to Canada every year there has never been a better time to think about buying a diesel car.

While there is a selection of diesel cars to choose from in Canada, many are diesel variants of luxury German car. This leaves a huge hole in one of the most crucial price brackets. While there are people looking to buy expensive cars with a diesel engine the majority of people looking for a diesel in Canada are doing so as a way to save money. These customers are looking for an inexpensive car with a diesel engine, similar to the hundreds currently on sale in Europe.

Among the selection of new diesel cars available in Canada is Chevrolet’s 2014 diesel Cruze. Chevrolet has unfortunately missed the mark completely with the new diesel Cruze. While the base model starts at a respectable $15300, the diesel variant is almost $8000 more, at $23600. When you consider the main selling point of the Cruze was its low price, having the diesel variant cost the same as the Honda Accord is a recipe for disaster. The $8000 price difference between fuel types is also amazing considering the price of a Civic in the UK is only $2000 more than its gas counterpart. This low difference can also be found across almost all of Honda’s UK lineup as most are offered with a diesel option.

So while the concept of the diesel Chevy Cruze could have been a hit with those looking to save money on both a vehicle and its fuel, customers have instead been left waiting for someone else to come a long with a more reasonable offer.

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